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T ingénierie is a firm of consulting civil engineers specialised in design studies, works and site supervision. The société anonyme (joint stock company) has been registered with the Geneva trade register since 1970 under the name Tremblet SA. At the end of 2007 the corporate name was changed to "T ingénierie sa". In January 2011, the company strengthened its position by merging with a partner from the Genevan market, Babel ingénieurs sa, which became part of T ingénierie.

In this way, T ingénierie has ensured the continuity of several sole proprietorship engineering firms which have worked successively in Geneva and abroad since 1920. The firm was originally founded by Robert Maillart, a specialist in the construction of reinforced concrete bridges and a world-renowned engineer. Babel ingénieurs dates back to the 1930s when it was set up by Mr. Maurice Brémond and Mr. Edmond Pingeon.

Management - associate engineers

The company is managed by a board composed of academic engineers (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale - Federal Institutes of Technology - or equivalent) who hold all of the company's shares.

The current board members are:

photo Fanny Novoa
Pierre Moia
EPFL civil eng.
Joined 1985
Assoc: 1988
Thierry Delémont 
EPFL civil eng. 
Joined 2000 
Assoc: 2007
Vincent Bujard 
EPFL civil eng. 
Joined 1999 
Assoc: 2007
Charles Babel 
EPFL civil eng. 
Joined 1991 
Assoc: 2005
Fanny Novoa-Gillieron
EPFL civil HES - REG A
Joined 2005 
Assoc: 2019


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